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General Training Ideas

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Oztrack E-books


Sprint Training For Kids
Training Kids for Speed

Contains the very latest Sprint Training Ideas

Modern methods have been adapted into a comprehensive program that is suitable for use with developing athletes of any age. Program guidelines are suitable for young athletes. It is also very useful for coaching of young athletes & all sprint coaches looking for ideas.

Learn to run the modern way displayed by the Worlds Best Sprinters. Training Kid For Speed is a best seller and has been purchased by many thousands of people all over the world

More information is HERE
This ebook is available in Chinese here


Sprinting CD Training Kids for Speed CD

E-Book plus Video includes footage of a variety of training activities to assist people in implementing the ideas presented in the e-book.

It contains useful footage of activities for all sprinters of any age. Also great sprint coaching information.

It has been created in MPEG2 format.

More information is HERE

Training Kids For Speed
& Developing Speed on DVD

Oztrack DVD

Two informative video programs on the one DVD
with the bonus inclusion of all Steve Bennett's e-books.

Oztrack DVD More Information HERE


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Developing Speed

The sequel to Training Kids for Speed

Modern methods have been adapted into a comprehensive program that is suitable for use with athletes who want to develop more speed. Sprint coaches & anyone wanting to know more about improving speed will find it useful.

Presents & expands upon the concepts covered in Training Kids for Speed. Developing Speed includes a range of advanced activities which are suitable for athletes that have a background already established with some sprint training e.g. overspeed, advanced plyometrics, double periodization, contrast training, etc.

More information is HERE


Training For 400m

Training for 400m

A guide to designing the best way to prepare for the 400m event.

Discusses a variety of approaches to the event. Training for 400m contains numerous practical ideas that coaches will find valuable.

The e-book is aimed at all levels of athlete from developing juniors to international.

It discusses the training programs of greats such as Olympic Champions Cathy Freeman & Michael Johnson as well as many more.

Information is HERE



Modern Speed Training - Sprinting Training
Modern Speed Training

A comprehensive guide to Advanced Speed Training using the latest methods.

This book is by Adrian Faccioni , a highly regarded speed coach and sprint training consultant in Australia.

It contains over 135 A4 pages of text plus images. Available only in E-book format.


More information is HERE



Training & Coaching Information


Oztrack E-books

Training For 800mTraining for 800m is an e-book outlining a number of ways to Train for 800m.

It includes information suitable for use with children and also elite senior middle distance athletes.

All future updates of this e-book are also FREE .
Training for 800m is just

It can be purchased and downloaded to print instantly.

More information is HERE


Middle Distance Running
Maintaining Running Form During Middle Distance Racing

Presents a large range of Modern Training techniques that will improve athletes Running Form and help any athlete maintain more speed in the closing stages of races.

Training to improve "ease of speed " is the missing factor in many training programs.

This e-book will help develop the ability to finish races in the way displayed by the likes of Haile Gebreselassie , Wilson Kipketer , Hicham El Guerrouge and Michael Johnson .

The information applies to all athletes that have to run fast while fatigued ie. 200m to Marathon.

"This is a must read for all Middle Distance Athletes & Coaches!"

"It contains some of the most commonly overlooked secrets of Middle Distance Elite Athletes"

More information is HERE



Middle Distance RunningA Fundamental Approach to Middle Distance Running

is a comprehensive e-book guide of 169 A4 pages + images. It is by by Kevin Prendergast

It builds logically from basics through to training programs. It is not so much a "how to" as a "how to work out how to".

More information is HERE



Training & Coaching Information

Oztrack E-books

Track & Field Training Information An E-book of all Oztrack Training Information is now available. It contains 70 A4 pages formatted for printing.

More information is here



Training for Road Racing & Fun Runs

Fun Runs

Over 100 A4 pages including a variety of detailed programs

More Info HERE

Training for Masters Athletes

Veteran Athletics

More Info HERE


Training for Cross Country

Cross Country Training

Over 100 A4 pages including a variety of detailed programs

More Info HERE


See our new Coaching Information Blog
It has Athletics Training articles translated into 57 languages.
Sprint Training, Middle Distance & more.

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