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Training Kids for Speed

Training Kids For Speed Contains the very latest Sprint Training Ideas Modern methods have been adapted into a comprehensive program that is suitable for use with developing athletes of any age. Program guidelines are suitable for young athletes. It is also very useful for coaching of young athletes & all sprint coaches looking for ideas. Learn to run the modern way displayed by the Worlds Best Sprinters. Training Kid For Speed is a best seller and has been purchased by many thousands of people all over the world

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Developing Speed

Modern methods have been adapted into a comprehensive program that is suitable for use with athletes who want to develop more speed. Sprint coaches & anyone wanting to know more about improving speed will find it useful.

Presents & expands upon the concepts covered in Training Kids for Speed. Developing Speed includes a range of advanced activities which are suitable for athletes that have a background already established with some sprint training e.g. overspeed, advanced plyometrics, double periodization, contrast training, etc.



Training for 400m

A guide to designing the best way to prepare for the 400m event. Discusses a variety of approaches to the event. Training for 400m contains numerous practical ideas that coaches will find valuable. The e-book is aimed at all levels of athlete from developing juniors to international.
It discusses the training programs of greats such as Olympic Champions Cathy Freeman & Michael Johnson as well as many more.



Modern Speed Training

A comprehensive guide to Advanced Speed Training using the latest methods. This book is by Adrian Faccioni , a highly regarded speed coach and sprint training consultant in Australia. It contains over 135 A4 pages of text plus images. Available only in E-book format.


Maintaining Running Form During Middle Distance Racing

Maintaining Running Form during Middle Distance RacingPresents a large range of Modern Training techniques that will improve athletes Running Form and help any athlete maintain more speed in the closing stages of races. Training to improve "ease of speed " is the missing factor in many training programs. . Available only in E-book format.




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Oztrack Performance

As of January 2007 Steve Bennett no longer coaches a personal squad - He spent 10 years 1994-2003 putting every spare second of his time into his squad and Athletics with 2002 being his best year of all, it was also the year the Training Kids for Speed Video was filmed. Steve still does some athletics consulting and helps out a few athletes and coaches, so feel free to contact him via the Oztrack Athletics Facebook page. Steve's time is very limited by business and family commitments. Steve's personal blog is here.

Steve won the NSW Season Championship in Super Street Drag Racing in 2006. Steve's highlight of the year was racing 4 times in front of crowds of 30000 people and winning at the USA Top Fuel Invasion.Learn More

He has since established a business with high performance cars called OZTRACK Leaders in Tuning - VF Commodore Specialists

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