Im Steve Bennett I live near Sydney, Australia. I remember watching the 1968 Olympics as a child with great excitement. I was 5 yrs old. I vaguely remember Bob Beamons Long Jump and an Australian Gold medallist Ralph Doubell win the 800m. This inspired me to be an athlete and one day be in the Olympics, that didnt happen. But i certainly enjoy the era near Sydney’s big moment near 2000.
Wandjina from the Mowanjum Community at Sydney 2000
I became a decent regional level athlete and later a high school science teacher with the opportunity to coach an athletics team. Then in 1993 when the Olympics was awarded to Sydney, in that moment i knew immediately that i had to be involved in it and give it a shot at getting someone into it or at least enjoy the era. So i put everything into coaching for the next 7 years, reading everything, talking to everyone, studying everything. Everyone that knew me in that period would verify it!  When it was over, i continued for another 5yrs coaching and then my young family needed my time more. So the period of my life being so dedicated to coaching was over. There was much i learned and quite a bit i have shared in ebooks and the oztrack.com website. Many ideas are still stored in my head. Things that have taken time away from the sport to crystallize. It is some of these ideas that i will unveil in this blog.

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