Middle Distance Speed Training Ideas

Improving maximum strength can steadily make a big difference to an athletes maximum speed , ease of race speed and the ability finish strongly.
This needs to be varied throughout the year and culminate in light power development work. I believe in improving strength and power in the gym and leaving the endurance training for the track and circuit work done in sessions at the track. The only endurance work done at the gym is usually mid-torso training.

Low Hurdle Plyos

The aim is to develop

quick contacts with the track. So the hurdles are kept low to allow this to happen.
Also this should be done in very low volumes only eg. 10 sets of 3 contacts with double legged bouncing. (High volume plyometrics is from the old eastern bloc drug cheating regimes)

Background Training

Base training usually involves plenty of hills and bounding uphill. This slowly builds up strength endurance.

Changing Pace Practise

Flyers Group at AIS
Flyers Group at AIS

Changing pace needs to be practised to be developed. Simulating race pace conditions is great fun for the athletes. Get the athletes to “bounce each other around”  and take turns being the first person allowed to  change the pace. This is great fun and great preparation for racing.

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