Recovery Ideas to assist improvement in Endurance Runners

800m Brisbane 1998

In our fast paced world it is easy for athletes to get run down many
things outside of training itself. Living a balanced life and at the
same to reaching your potential in athletics is a challenge.

Many athletes:

  • need to work full-time or study full-time.
  • live in Cities without a variety of trails on different surfaces to
  • face many opportunities to socialize at times that challenge the
    sleep needs of training.

Reaching your potential means producing over a long period of time
maximal adaptation. To do so means performing consistent high quality
training. We all can relate to days where we have trained badly in the
afternoon because of draining activity earlier in the day.

So OK what can we do about it. What follows are just a few ideas.


-Have a consistent wake-up time. If you have a late night which should
not be very often. The best way to aid recovery is to have a 30min
snooze early afternoon and get a slightly earlier night. Researchers
have found that sleeping in more than an hour is bad for sleep rhythms
and is counterproductive.

  • You should be aiming for at least 8hrs sleep each night but more
    ideal would be 9hrs. Joaquim Cruz and Jose Luiz Barbosa whose training
    plans I have seen had their bed times specified as 10pm bed and 7am


All athletes should aim for 2-3 massages a week on at least the key
areas. Learn how to massage effectively by paying for some professional
massages for as long as budget lasts. Then train your own support
people to help inh this area.


All athletes should have their diet studied and optimized. Consuming
too small an amount of Carbohydrates is common and can leave an athlete
fatigued through muscle fuel depletion.

Recovery Activity

-Go easy on easy runs they are performed to speed up recovery not to
add more fatigue.

  • Swim for recovery – you do not need to swim for fitness just have
    afloat around.


Visit physiotherapists and learn techniques for maintaining muscle
looseness from them. A popular area now spreading is the use of
acupressure triggers. I find that this is a great way to loosen tight
and sore areas.


Make sure you have easy weeks regularly and allow more recovery than
the usual.


It makes the most sense to live-work-train as close as possible.Talent
can be found in difficult circumstances but I am sure the World Elite
have it pretty simple in this way.


Training harder when already tired is of no value. To gain maximum
adaptation an athlete needs to train very hard when fresh enough to
perform at high quality and then rest really well so that this process
can be done again and again. Resting is always a race the quicker you
can recover the harder you can train and the closer to your absolute
potential you will reach.

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